5 Ways to Pamper Your Valentines without Breaking the Bank

Help I'm out of ideas....

Valentines is just 3 days away!! You still don't have that perfect way to tell them, just how special they are? All those great ideas were used up just two months ago (oh and let's not forget the extra cash was used up too). If you're like me you've been mulling it over in your head and putting off for weeks now, but now you're out of time!

“Find the perfection in every moment instead of trying to make every moment perfect.” ― Donnalynn Civello

Forget all the cliche's this Valentines

Forget the chocolates and flowers! Don't feel like you have to break the bank to show someone you love them! Nine times out ten it's the small things they'll remember and cherish for years to come!

Here's a few tips from our list of 5 Ways to Pamper Your Valentine Without Breaking the Bank.

1. Write them a love letter

Everything we do now days is communicated digitally, and the handwritten note has quickly become a thing of the past, that we simply don't take time for. 5 or 10 minutes is all it takes to give your loved one a free but extremely meaningful expression of your affection.

2. Send them an unexpected gift for a coffee break

Everyone loves a tasty treat when they least expect it, so send them a surprise $5 via Paypal, Cash App, or Venmo. If you're thinking ahead why not just pick up a quick gift card at one of our favorite local spots like Rave Nutrition or Coffee Central!

3. Bake them their favorite treat

Take time out to bake them their favorite treat. No one can resist a batch of cookies or cupcakes from someone they love! Maybe that special someone is the cook in your household or you just want to add that extra little touch they'll remember! A trendy flour sack style kitchen towel would be a nice add on.

4. Remember Mixtapes?

Mixtapes is certainly a thing of the past, but the sentiment behind them is definitely not. Compile of playlist for them

of all those special songs you've shared over the years, and maybe some new ones that make you think of them!

5. Treat them to a new pair of socks

Show them you love them from head to toe with a pair of socks from Pat's Sock Shop this week and get a free "You knock my SOCKS off!" sock wrap!

With 100's of sock options to choose from we know you can find that perfect affordable gift for all your loved ones this Valentines!

Whether it's a pair of socks, a special note, or a cup of coffee, telling someone you love them this Valentines doesn't have to break the bank....

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