We are open our regular hours 10-5:30 Mon-Fri and 10-2 on Sat!! We are a small store with very limited space, we ask that you please be considerate of our staff and other customers by following these simple requests:

 - WEAR A MASK  - If you see more than two people in the store please wait outside or in your car till you see someone leave. STORE POLICY ON ITEM TURN AROUND TIME We always try to maintain a 1 week turn around time on customer goods even through most of the holiday season. This year as we all know brings with it some new considerations that we want you aware of now! If one of our staff becomes sick we will close for the safety of the public and our other employees. With that in mind.... 

PLEASE start that holiday shopping now! Don't wait to the last minute! 

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WE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY due to the weather and road conditions, everyone please stay home and stay safe!