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Warmies Penguin

Warmies SKU: CPJ-PEN-1

Warmies Penguin

Warmies SKU: CPJ-PEN-1
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A novel collection of fully microwavable soft toys, Warmies® Hooty are an attractive colourful range available in a variety of different styles and fabrics. These nocturnal owls make the perfect bed time companion and are gently scented with lavender for a perfect night's sleep.

Their stuffing is 100% natural.The special mix of millet and lavander provides a sense of well being as well as a calming and relaxing effect.

- Suitability Suitable for all ages.

They heat is long lasting and gradually released. They are heated in a microwave oven for only 30-90 seconds at 800 Watts. The heat is relased in 90 minutes.

- orders ship in 7-10 business days

- Retail orders without custom embroidery, printing, or engraving ship in 1-2 business days.

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